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Thread: July 16-17 Barbie Rod Derby for Kayaks at Whiskey Gulch

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    Default July 16-17 Barbie Rod Derby for Kayaks at Whiskey Gulch

    A group of us kayak anglers will be having an informal derby at Whiskey Gulch July 16 and 17th weather permitting. its the second annual Barbie rod derby for kayaks. Its a lot of fun and definitely challenging with the different strategies involved.

    I recall having a few folks here off this forum for the earlier kayak derby that weren't on the other forums so I thought I'd put it out there.

    Nothing huge last year but still loads of fun.

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    Day 1 leader is my 11 year old son Ryu...45.5 pounds. 15 lbs test with a "Frozen" themed rod. While we had well over 20 participants, only half fished due to challenging surf conditions.

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    Posted more pics and video in the saltwater forums.

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    Third Barbie tourney is this weekend 👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripndrag View Post
    Third Barbie tourney is this weekend 
    One day event for this year , right? July 15th?

    Awesome to see it back on! , I know you have been busy!!

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    Thanks Ripndrag! We had a blast as always!!!!


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