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    This is the first summer we have used a greenhouse and we are in a trial and error phase. I am growing tomatoes and peppers, but they are slow to develop. I am not having success with lettuce, carrots, radishes or beets. Green leaf plants appear to do better outside. What types of plants are best for a greenhouse?

    I am not sure how long the soil had been unused by the previous owner. I mixed in some garden soil and I have a compost bin going for next year.

    I appreciate any advice.

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    One advice is that you need to manually pollinate your tomatoes. The flowers are self pollinating, so all it takes is a little bit of vibration. People shake the plant or blow a fan on the plant or use a vibrating toothbrush. But, the flowers won't consistently set tomatoes if you don't have insects and don't have wind and don't do something to create vibration.

    It's late in the year to start most greenhouse crops, but basil, oregano and thyme love it in the greenhouse, and it's not late for them.

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    I grow tomatoes, peppers & cucumbers in the GH.

    With our long days , plants need/use lot of nutrients & water.
    I mix a little plant food with the water & water 2 times /day with the weather we've had lately.

    Some 2013 pics:


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