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Thread: Gasoline and camping options in Circle on the Steese?

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    Default Gasoline and camping options in Circle on the Steese?

    I will be canoeing the Yukon from Eagle to Circle in a week or so and am wondering whether or not one can purchase gasoline in Circle.

    I'll be driving a Toyota 4Runner from Fairbanks to Circle and back. Round trip from Fox (where I've been told one can gas up) is 342 miles. Range on my 4Runner is normally 360 miles (at my normal 18 mpg). Since I'll be loaded and driving some on gravel, that is cutting it too tight for me. I'll either need to bring a jerry can of gas or fill up along the way. Is there gas in Circle or anywhere else between Fox and Circle? What hours would they be open?

    I will also be needing to camp near Circle the night before flying from Circle to Eagle on Everts for the put in. What are the camping options around Circle?

    Is there anything right in town?

    Is there anything a bit south on the Steese that would still let me pack up in the morning and get to the airstrip in Circle in the morning?

    Recent first hand knowledge would be very much appreciated.

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    Yes, there is gas in Circle, or at least there was last time I was there. Might be good to call ahead just to make sure.
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    Thanks very much for this link.

    They have gas, and keep hours 10-6 weekdays, 12-5 weekends, or whenever else you can catch them.


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