hi everyone, i'm heading to Juneau for a week on the 24th of July thru the 28th of july. Coming down for some MSHA classes at UAS. Not looking to spend money on a hotel. No need since i would rather spend that money in octane for the toys or more of a hunting budget. I'm asking any help or info as i am not having to much luck with online. Looking for a place to camp somewhere for free/cheap near the campus and near the water as i am gonna give my attempt at surf casting. My plan right now is a backpack, a tent and a pole. Asking any advice or local tips. Also would be highly appreciative of maybe staying at someones house if a deal can be made. 28 year old montana immigrant transitioning out of the military and staying local. Anything is appreciated. I dont need any hand outs as i am not poor. Just i am ok with camping. I would love to enjoy some of the local fishing or maybe even hunting if someone wouldnt mind a tagalong. I could extend my stay through the weekend in that case. Thanks for reading.