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Thread: Cruising Around Souteast Alaska

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    Default Cruising Around Souteast Alaska

    My friend, Matt and I took off from Juneau last Monday for a cruise about, with the intention of meeting up with my friend, Larry, the guy who built my boat and his crew coming up out of Bellingham with his latest build. My wife flew down to Petersberg to catch up with us and off we went. The goal was to meet up at Hole in the wall on the northwest of Prince of Wales Island. We stayed in touch whenever we could get simultaneous cell coverage and ended up meeting at the south tip of Zarembo Islannd within fifteen minutes of our first attempt at vhf contact. Had a few great days, visiting Point Baker, Red Bay, Hole in the Wall and catching a couple hundred pounds of halibut. We took off this afternoon to head home, now berthed In Petersberg, and ready for 0500 departure north to home. It has been a great trip to this point, without so much as a two footer. A couple of days were so hot it was too much. Met a bunch of Nordhaven owners who met in Petersberg for rally of some sort, 36 of them from all over the west. It's been great to explore some new territory, burning between 4.5 to 6.5 gallons per hour at 20-22 knots in our 27 foot alloy Dockside Machine Alaska 27. Wife is already picking out halibut spots for the trip up tomorrow. Isn't Alaska great?

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    Need pics and more trip info, sounds awesome.
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    Hole in the wall is a pretty neat little anchorage you are making me home sick...especially with blacktail season around the corner.


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