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Thread: The Gulkana River Report July 8th

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    Default The Gulkana River Report July 8th

    For some dumb reason I posted this report on the Hunting page???


    The water levels in the entire system are back to where they need to be so we can successfully float rafts on any section of the river. Most of you know that this means we have muddy water and we do...Rain does that to a drainage. The lower river saw muddy water about 2 days ago and it should clear up in the next 24 hours, best guess. this mean we will see better clarity for the Red run which is in full swing.

    Up river is already clearing up from the middle fork down and the Rainbow and Grayling fishing has been very good.Wth the additional water the canyon is easier to run. Too many people think higher water makes runs like the canyon more dangerous but it is really the opposite. Skinny water is very hard to make course corrections when your in the canyon and you need to shift from river left to river center because you are plowing rocks rather than blading water.

    I am a white water canoeist and the same is true in canoes. Standing waves give you something to work with where skinny water really makes your paddling tough.

    Get outer and enjoy the water level and the good fishing.

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