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    I have an Achilles inflatable made out of hypalon. I bought to last year with three repaired spots and two of them are leaking. I decided to pull the patches off of all three and replace since the third one appeared to be close to coming off as well.

    Many problem is getting that old glue off. I do have access to a hardware store but they do not have any of that Tuolene(spelled wrong I am sure). NSR suggests alcohol and I've tried that with minimal success and don't want to use all our alcohol since it belongs in the first aid kit.

    I picked up a wire brush and some 180 grit sandpaper today and will try a little more of the alcohol pad, but does anyone have a different suggestion? I'm heading to Anchorage in two weeks to get supplies, but I really want to get this boat back in the water before then.

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    I pulled a couple patches off my old hypalon inflatable using a heat gun. That might make it so you can scrape some glue off.

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    MEK works good, Acetone (nail polish remover) less effective, if I had nothing else I would try to sand the old glue off.
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    Achilles uses rubber, as you know. Toluene or xylol is the solvent.

    But if you're dealing with old glue from years of being under a patch that you removed, you'll have a mess to deal with trying solvents.

    I highly recommend not using chemical solvents on your boat for those stubborn glue remains, as you'll weaken the integrity of your rubber coating trying to rub off that old glue.

    Instead, use a drimmel with a wheel flap sander to carefully remove the old glue on the surface. This way you'll get a more even removal.


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