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Thread: A plug for BassPro Marine Service

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    Default A plug for BassPro Marine Service

    Started having overheating problems with my 150 murcery Verado, good water pressure, replaced thermostat and poppet valve. Put in a lot of time and effort, just wanted to get back on the water.
    Finally threw in the towel and took it to my regular machanic who just pulled the codes, replaced the water pump and ran it in a tank; thought it might be fixed; still same problem.

    Called BassPro because they sell and service Murcery, service manager said he had a good Verado machanic, 2 days later on Saturday I dropped off the boat.

    Picked up the boat last Thursday, spent 3 days out on the Sound with zero problems. Jeff the machanic at BassPro did the work, took the boat out on the water twice to make sure it was right. Second time he took the boat out ran it for 2 hours; was surprised he actually took the boat down to the Harbor and launched it.

    He went through everything, pulled lower unit to check water pump, pulled thermostat and bench tested, verified temp with IR, back flushed a lot of junk out, pulled and inspected poppet valve, replaced a couple anodes, pulled and inspected the plugs, etc...

    He put in a lot of time to make sure everything was up to specs and working as it should.
    Put in a new thermostat even though the new one I installed wouldn't fail when bench tested.

    Only charged me for 3 hours labor plus parts, the bill was considerable less then expected.

    Not sure of the specific underlying problem causing my overheating, most likely a combination of things.

    Would highly recommend their sevice department, they definitely earned my busness.
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    That's the best kind of news! Such service is rare anywhere, but especially from one of the big box stores. Guys have to reward a shop like that with their business, for sure. Thanks for the feedback!
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    On that note this summer seeing a lot of new Mercs on boats down here. Like they had a huge sale on 150's or something. Haven't talked to any owners about em but there's lots. Our issue here is they close the Merc shop in the winter which wouldn't fly for us. The 115's have that option of diff lower units, pretty cool.
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