I recently stumbled across my old Lowe Special Expedition pack and made use of it last week on an outing to our cabin property. I bought this pack in 1983 at Clem's in Fairbanks. It made use of their Torsion Trac suspension system, which allowed for quick adjustments for short or tall hikers. A link to an article in Backpacker magazine is here: https://books.google.com/books?id=6t...rac%22&f=false

My problem is that the plastic plate that attaches the shoulder harness broke this week while loading it in the Beaver. Here's an example pic of the problem:

Considering that the pack is 33 years old I guess I can't expect it to last forever. But the rest of the pack is in great shape. I'm looking at my options on how to repair this pack and welcome the ideas and experiences of others.

It turns out that Lowe Alpine Systems used the same Torso Trac suspension in their CFP-90 pack designed for Dept. of Defense in the 80s. There are a few forum and blog entries detailing the strengths and shortcomings of that pack. There's a good description of the pack here: http://www.survivalistboards.com/sho...5&postcount=12

I'm thinking of replacing the plastic piece, often called a duck's foot because of its shape, with either aluminum plate or thick leather. The easiest thing would be to take the old harness to a cobbler or saddle maker and have them fashion a new piece and stitch the straps on. Can anyone recommend such a craftsman in the Anchorage or valley area?