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    I am new to owning a boat. I got a used boat with a 2 stroke outboard. I ran it in a local lake the other day and noticed water on the inside of the cowling on the horizontal part of the motor. Its where the cover for the motor attaches. Is this normal? Also I noticed below the power head the outside felt warm or hot to the touch. I do not want to burn it up. It's a 20hp Johnson with tiller control. Thanks for any help.

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    on your outboard, there is a outlet for the tattletale stream of water that indicates the water pump is working ok....There is generally a small hose going from that nipple to somewhere on the bottom of the upper cowling that tells you the pump is ok. the hose from the nipple may have come loose and the water is collecting in the bottom of the cowling. start the motor in the water with the cowling off. see if you can identify where the water is coming from. As far as the heat on the lower end, it depends on how the exhaust is routed.
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