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Thread: New pyramid Anchor.

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    Default New pyramid Anchor.

    So last fall I lost my 40# lead pyramid anchor on the Kasilof River.
    Hung it up bad and lost it.
    I had intentions of making a new one and this spring had a mold made at a local aluminum welding shop.
    I was thinking this mold would be good for an anchor up to 50# but I think it may be 45# max.
    Should have had my niece do the math I guess. That and every alloy blend is a bit different in density.
    Anyway I was casting jigs today and figured I would make the new anchor.
    I weighed out enough ingots and added them to the pot.
    My current stock of lead is pure so I added some Superhard from Rotometals for the antimony and added touch of tin.
    I didn't want it to soft.
    I fluxed it good and skimmed a bit of dross.
    Came out close to target at 39.7#.
    I used a SS U bolt with the nuts and connector plate left on so it shouldn't pull out.
    I had to cast it twice as the first one didn't turn out right.
    These anchors run over $100 in the store locally so I figured with the cost of the mold I came out about the same and still have a working mold for future use.
    The red on the end is some RTV I used in the corners hoping to prevent the lead from sticking. But some of it came off with the casting.
    The second pic shows the anchor next to the mold.

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    They look good. Great job!

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    Nice! I hope someday to hook up with you on some anchors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DannerAK View Post
    Nice! I hope someday to hook up with you on some anchors.
    There's a bad punchline waiting to leap out of that statement...

    Nice looking anchor. I'm thinking I may be jealous of your casting kit.

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    I've been searching the forum for some ideas on anchor weight & type for an 18' cat on the Kenai/Kasilof Rivers. Any experience or information would be appreciated. I already have the anchor system...just need to find a good anchor now.


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