Had the opportunity to ride up with some friends. Having never been there I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Saturday was pretty slow but we got a few. Sunday was much better. Tying off and fishing off the cliffs was very new to me and to boot I had a kenai dipnet. Definitely not ideal for that fishery. I ended up losing my retainer pin on my handle and tried to replace it with a metal tent stake but ended up with alot of extra play in the net, resulting in fish lost. For newbies like myself: Bring enough sturdy rope. And bring a frame pack with a kitchen garbage can strapped to it. Light weight and handy. The trail in is exciting to say the least. Respect others and please go slow. Saw several riders very nearly lose Thier rigs not to mention lives on a nasty rock on the trail. Make sure your net handles are on the cliff side of the trail as you ride so you have a way out if needed. I learned a helluva lot and if I go back I'm going in prepared. Plenty of Bug dope is an absolute necessity. Wear good footwear with exceptional tread, and a life vest. Saw alot of people without those. They call it dipnetting but I refer to it as cliffhanging for salmon. Gotta say I never worked so hard for fish in my life! It is fun though, if you are properly prepared.