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Thread: Things are heating up (Jonesville chronicles)

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    Default Things are heating up (Jonesville chronicles)

    If we don't clean up our act, more regulations are heading our way in one of the best family riding areas in the state. Talking about Jonesville mine area, people are meeting as we speak to discuss the future. Please for the love of GOD, don't use the area as a landfill, and shoot your AR's in the parking lot with kids around ( I love AR's), and use common sense while riding. This may not apply to most people on this site but please spread the word, we may need a little self-policing.
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    As a member of the Slipper Lake Citizens Action Committee I can give some insight as to where the group is headed. I hear that I was also on the news after the meeting the other night. Of course the best way to learn and be a part of the process, to influence the direction, is to attend the meetings. The next meeting is the 21st at the Sutton Library.

    In short the Committee is looking to write Legislation modeled after the KRPUA statutes. That will give any regulations created the force of law.

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    Scott what time on the 21st? Open to the public?


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