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    I would think most here could agree that Gease is correct:

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    Ricky Gease flies under a false moniker of habitat steward and environmentalist, when really he is an expert at exploiting the Kenai's habitat and environment to no end. Thus his desire for a new highway that will bring more, faster...right to the Kenai River.

    Believe me, Gease is a wolf in sheep's clothing with an agenda.

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    The question is not whether or not there will be a new, faster, section of highway. The question is what route the new highway will take. Gease is advocating for it to be removed from the river side in order to afford protection to the river and it's runs. The proposed route is irresponsible and threatens the river.

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    The Juneau creek alternative crosses a small section of designated wilderness right before it comes back into the Sterling highway just past Sportsmans. The Juneau Creek Variant however, does not cross the refuge wilderness and would create a small circle ramp and exit at sportsmans instead of a long exit ramp merge thus missing the feds land.

    I agree wholeheartedly that the Juneau Creek Alternatives should be considered over the G-South alternative. Another huge bridge over the Kenai is a bad idea. I know the bridge over Juneau Creek will be a huge bridge as well, but it will improve access to those trails and have an incredible scenic overlook much like Six Mile Creek bridge near Hope. Just a better way to go IMO

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    I'd have to agree with sticky Ricky on this one...


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