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Thread: Ereaka water crossings

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    Default Ereaka water crossings

    Any recent insight on levels of Nelchina, Little O and Big O? Trip coming up and curious.

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    Could be deeper this weekend with all the rain out there

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    I came through yesterday noon on my way back from Chitna and swung into the pit and seen water standing so thought I would ask. I'm sure there may be more recent info after this busy July 4th weekend...

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    For anyone else curious we went in Friday morning and came out Monday afternoon. We made it down the Little Oshetna within a mile or 2 from the trail that jump over to the Big O at the confluence of the two before we called it good and set up camp for a few days.
    The water was high enough to stop us there since we had our 7 year old grandson with us and didn't want to push our luck. The water started to clear up and drop until Monday morning when the heavy rains came in and started it all over again. Not another soul down that way while we were there.....nice trip.


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