Hello Alaska Anglers
I hope you are doing well and have had good fishings. Some of weeks ago I posted my last video and I want to share it with you.

Let me tell you something first, like two months ago I got a blank plastic of a DUO BeachWalker 120MD plug for painting it as I wish.
After thinking for a while, I decided how to paint the plastic plug. The colours I chose were Fluorescent Pink, Black Magenta (which is some kind of a very dark brown colour), yellow and red.

My first step was to create a cover base on the back and belly with plain white. Then I paint the back and belly using a protection. In my previous posts I told you before that I'm a rookie using the airbrush, but I felt very happy at the end with the results of my work. Something else, for the epoxy coating, I decided to add some silver frost.

At the end of my work, I created the unique Japanese DUO “Pink Black Magenta” in the World… There is not a second one, and I am thinking to use the same pattern to paint some of my wooden Lures.

Well, last week I had the chance to escape to Ica (it is Southbound 350mi from Lima) for fishing some flounders and corvinas. I went decided to try my homemade balsa wooden lures the” Attila Fat Minnows” --just to let you know that in parallel I am preparing a special video for it--.On the other side, I plan to try my brand new DUO BW120MD “Pink Black Magenta” as well.

When I began to try the “Pink Black Magenta”, I was really surprised how effective it was for captures. I had my friends fishing just next to me, and I caught flounders and corvinas and they didn’t. Just to mention about the equipment, I was using a 9'6" spinning rod with a Van Staal reel loaded with Japanese G-Soul 30lb braided line.

During the time that I was casting this lure, I captured six beautiful flounders and 18 corvinas. Do that is very weird and difficult
down here, please believe me. Flounders are very tricky, and Corvinas are very difficult to catch. Something important to say is that all those fishes were released and my friends got mad for that.

Well friends, I invite you to watch my video, and please give me your comments and recommendations.

Here is the link to the video: