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    I have a 2006 RH Bowtech Old Glory for sale. It has been sitting in my closet all these years as my back up bow. I recently purchased another bow so this one needs to find a good home.

    It has a 8" brace height and axle to axle is 36 1/2. It is very forgiving, accurate and quiet.
    This bow comes with:
    - 60 lb. limbs and 28" module. (The modules to change the draw length are available on line.)
    - Carolina Archery Product whisker Biscuit
    - 3 pin sight
    - Matching stabilizer
    - wrist sling
    I would take $ 300.00 FTF for the package. I am located in Eagle River.

    IMG_0391 (800x368).jpg

    IMG_0392 (800x533).jpg

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    SPF from another site.


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