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    Without being model specific, what's the best way to make one of these (materials and ensuring a tight fit, etc.)?


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    I used ABS on both of my atv's. A various collection of elbows, street elbows, threaded couplers, and a few 8 foot sections of 3" and 2 1/2" ABS did the trick.

    It's not that hard to do. Plan it out in your head, write a materials list, hit the hardware store, and then start putting it together on the machine, but do not glue it while putting the peices together. Once the snorkels are all put together to your liking mark each joint with a visible marker, take the ABS apart and then glue it together. Depending on where you route the pipes you might have to start at the airbox or cvt and them glue one peice at a time until the snorkel is put back together. That's how I glued the pipe back together on my brute force. My wife's rancher was much easier. I took the snorkel off the airbox, glued it all together and then threaded the complete snorkel back into the airbox.

    Which machine do you have? Also if you do snorkel your airbox, cvt etc etc, make sure to re-route your carb breather tubes, airbox vent, front diff and rear diff breather tubes. On my brute I re-routed those to the handlebars.

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    The one I'm thinking of doing is a 2000 Kodiak 400.


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    Tired of getting water in your belt housing? I don't know how anybody with a belt driven atv can get down a lot of alaskas trails without being snorkled. Yamahas drove me nutz with water problems until I snorkled all mine. If you go in water that's up to the front and rear plastic water goes in ALL OF THEM, no question, that's where the air intake and exhaust scoops are for the cvt. Same with all makes of belt driven atvs.
    I've snorkled 7 or 8 atvs and am going to do my buddies 07 Bigbear this month- no belt, manual tranny, just the airbox and vents.
    I haven't done a 2000 Kodiak 400, I did my 2004 Kodiak 400 though. Can't be much different. You don't use all hard pipe on these (abs-pvc). Look on the rear of your cvt housing, you have 3 inch rubber hose that you put a abs reducer on 3" to 1.5", then you buy some blue spa hose from lowes or home depot and run that on the left side of the machine up to the front rack where you come up thru the plastic with some hard pipe. The intake of the cvt housing is even easier because you just come up from the stock intake under the front plastic.
    Go to in the yamaha forum, everybody snorkles and helps other people snorkle, there are piks and lists of material to buy.
    All vent lines must be extended to the handlebars and all electrical connections must be dielectric greases. The carb drain line MUST be plugged with a bolt or a check valve, it will suck water into the carb because of the carb negative pressure. Go to HL, too much info for one post here on snorkling.

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    Default Snorkeling.

    Thanks guys, just what I was looking for and I'll take a look at that site. For what it's worth, mine is not belt driven, so air intake is my (main?) concern.

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    If you can post a pik of your machine from the right handlebar side, with the seat off, aiming at the airbox lid/gas tank cover. I can probably list your options and materials needed.


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