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    I have to admit, I've never been so disappointed at people in this area than I was tonight. We hiked to the falls with the kids tonight just to watch some fish acrobatics(lots of fish stacked up btw it was a great show, my 3 year old LOVED it!) But I confronted roughly a dozen anglers fishing or returning from fishing in the closed area below the falls. Regularly heard "nope, it's open" or "you just need to be 100' downstream" or we walked it and we're positive were far enough...

    It was enough to make my blood boil, the river is really clearly marked where you can and can't fish below the falls and all I can figure is a bunch of people couldn't get fish in the open areas so they went where there was easy pickings. ADFG would make a killing right now in tickets with a few plainclothes COs patrolling that stretch.

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    That area is open to federal subsistence fishing so it is possible that is what you saw.


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