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    i will be in alaska 07/16/07 any info on cresent lake thats where i am going to try for grayling. is there more than one lake on the trail , how do i know which is cresent please help thank you all

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    There are some posts on this. Use the search button. Here's one.
    Never been myself but just spent 4 days fishing the other lakes in the area. Awesome.
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    Cresent lake can be acsessed by either the Seward hwy or Quartz creek rd. I've done the hike in from the Seward hwy several times and it's not too bad a stretch of the legs, Typical Alaskan hiking trail parts are strait up , parts are strait down and depending on the time of year sections are under water. You'll come to a small lake on the trail over a ridge and down to a big lake, thats cresent. The little lake also hold bows BTW.

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    If you go in from the sterling hwy side(quartz creek road), the trail is about 5 miles, relatively easy, nothing steep, and never seen the trail flooded. The first and only lake you come too will be crescent lake. The fishing is fantastic up there. I will be there 2 weeks after you.


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