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Thread: Planning a fishing trip, looking for advice on destination…

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    Default Planning a fishing trip, looking for advice on destination…

    Hi all,

    We’re looking for a little help. The girlfriend and I want to be a little adventurous and do something crazy. We live about a half hour South of Seattle and have never been to Alaska.

    We want to make a weekend trip out of Labor Day weekend (September 2nd through the 5th) and fly into Alaska somewhere to do some Salmon or Halibut (or both, season permitting) fishing.

    With time constraints, the shortest and easiest flying times with rental car/hotel access would be best for getting in and out of town. We have no destination in mind, just someplace where we can be on the water and catch something and perhaps see some scenic views while we are at it.

    I am hoping somebody on this forum has made a similar trip or would share information or recommendation on places to try. We are open to Charter boats or Boat rentals or catching a ride with anybody that has open seats.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated?

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    Sitka would be a great option. Direct flights from Seattle. You will be in the meat of the coho run and the halibut will also be in and THICK.

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    Seattle to Anchorage, Anchorage to Kodiak via Alaska Airlines; Avis car rental direct at the airport, Shellikof Lodge direct in town, charter with Runnamuck for both salmon and halibut (off-loaded catch is processed at Island Seafoods direct in town), dinner at Henry's, breakfast at King's Diner

    scenic tour and road-fish catch and release on the 2nd, charter on the 3rd and 4th, return on the 5th with your catch boxed and frozen ready for you to check back home

    this is absolutely the optimum and moderate way to play such a short fishery that will give you both scenery and quality fishing with no crowds

    more details?
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    As far as Kodiak, I won't be in town, I'll be doing same as you, on vacation . But, there are lots of places to go in Alaska and have a blast and fill the freezer, all will show you a great time. If you would like up to date info on Kodiak, email me, I will say this, we have the most liberal limits of all the areas that fit your bill, there's no separation between Resident and non-resident here, but the weather can be an issue, but Labor day should be fine still. Silvers are ridiculous on the roads here, as far as processing, I highly recommend Pickled Willy's.
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    Sitka. There's a reason more king salmon are landed here than anywhere else.


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