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Thread: Conditions of Columbia glacier ice

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    Default Conditions of Columbia glacier ice

    I'm going to be cruising from Whittier to Valdez next week and was wondering if anybody had current info on the ice conditions around Columbia Bay?

    I plan to spend a night up in Long Bay and would like to poke into Columbia a little ways too. I'm experienced navigating around some ice when I go up Port Wells and Unakwik. So I'm not looking for general info but specifics to this area. Does the area around Glacier Island get cut off by ice this time of year? Is the incoming tide better for passing through?

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    I was there a week ago and the volume of ice was pretty low. Things can change quickly but in 20 yrs there have only been a handful of times that the area was really blocked up with ice. I took the same route as you are describing and have taken it almost every year when I go to Valdez for a visit. I do not worry about the tides in there unless there is a large volume of ice. Not sure what type of vessel you have but mine is 57' And I am extremely cautious when there is a lot of ice. The best source of current info is Stephens Cruises in Valdez. They go there every day and are pretty free with info if you indicate that you are considering a trip with them to see the area. 😄


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