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    Hey Float Pilot and others,

    What's the current status of landing on the gravel taxiway at Homer? I remember something being mentioned about the FAA not liking it or something.


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    According to the Supplement, the DOT and the FAA folks working in the semi-tower, it is not even a taxi-way. It is a maintenance access road for DOT.

    So Homer radio will not give you permission to land on it nor will they answer your calls to do so.
    Lots (almost everybody) of us locals use the gravel and we just announce to each other, but not to Homer Radio who pretends not to hear any of it.

    Be aware that lots of the local 135 guys may have a plane or two back-taxiing on the gravel with another C-206 out on the pavement.
    A couple of them think they are real hot-dogs and taxi far too fast, combined with crappy radio announcing skills.

    If there is nobody else on the runway or road I just side-step and put down on the gravel without saying a word other than my runway direction.
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    Thanks for the info!

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    But then...Homer Radio can't give you permission to land anywhere...they are not in the business of giving landing clearances...

    ...but sometimes people think it sounds that way with a local FSS...
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    I've also seen people land on the grass east of the gravel with a cub. The gravel is close to the rwy and have felt the wash from a C-130 landing next to me, so heads up there. I have also heard of guys landing on the taxi ways like "A" when the wind is roaring. You gotta do what you have to sometimes and no trouble from it. Homer is a easy place to fly and everybody is nice to work with.


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