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Thread: Humpy Creek by Homer at the end of June?

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    Default Humpy Creek by Homer at the end of June?

    I'm going to be spending a couple days at Humpy Creek in Kachemak Bay on June 29-30. It's not primarily a fishing trip (doing quite a bit of that on the way down from Fairbanks) but I am wondering if it's worth dinking around with a rod. Should there be some early pinks trickling in? Any dollies in the creek before the salmon arrive? Any sole or pollock or rockfish from shore in the area?
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    I was there july 5th last year. There weren't many salmon upstream but there were some dollies in the pool. They were fairly small so pretty small lures. We did catch some nice chum at the mouth that were a blast to reel in with spinners at incoming. Good luck


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