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Thread: Rabbit lake, in from RL, out to McHugh

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    Default Rabbit lake, in from RL, out to McHugh

    I hiked this with my daughter and her friend the first week of June, thought I'd throw up a few pics. There were still several snow fields on the Rabbit Lake trailhead side, but no snow past McHugh Lake. Though there was some seriously swampy stuff and water running down the trail on the McHugh side ~1/2 mile below McHugh Lake.

    I imagine most of the snow on the trail should have melted by now.

    It's ~11 miles from trail head to trailhead, we hiked it in a leisurely 5 hours with a lunch break at the lake. Not to strenuous but my feet were beat by the time we hit the final descent.
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    Looks like an excellent trip! Thanks for sharing.


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