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Thread: inboard diesel jets?

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    Default inboard diesel jets?

    I am considering a new inboard next year, buddy of mine is interested in buying my v8 inboard, and I have always had my eye on diesels. I shied away from UHMW on my sportjon because up north I would hate to have to deal with it in 5/10 years, warranties aren't worth much above the arctic circle.

    I see some great claims of mpg and load hauling abilities in boats comparable to the one I currently have, with many advantages touted over gas v8's. Main use would be on Tanana and Yukon, but would be nice to hear how the yanmar 6by's or similar are holding up on the rivers and if they are living up to their performance claims.

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    Just a Europe they have been using marine diesels for a long time. There has been a ton of research on the there too.
    ight be a place to check out/search for a lot of info.
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