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Thread: The Gulkana Report June 19th

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    AF&G as successfully protected another year of Kings on the Gulkana and the taking and keeping of Kings is now closed. Weather this was a good thing or not is not for us to decide but lets look at the results..

    The last 2 days of the season was "Balls to the Wall" for us seeing my truck rack up 197 miles on the 17th alone moving rafts and fishing groups. I spent 14 hours almost straight with clients. We had a great day as did my groups

    6/16 saw 4 Kings landed and 6/17 we saw 9 hook-ups but only 3 Kings landed. The Kings were almost all turning Red with indicated that the fish were in fresh water a little longer than normal. We saw the kings return about 8-10 days earlier and caught most of us by surprise. The water is warmer than normal and that has a lot to do with it I am sure.


    I had 2 floaters yesterday who work at the Hatchery up above Paxon and they are expecting a solid 1st run of Reds. We started seeing the 1st run flashing through is nice groups about 3 days ago but yesterday was a bust because the wind made fishing difficult and rafting really hard! My best guess is we will see the early Reds building over the next 5-10 days. They are early as well. I had a large number of Kultina fisherman who dropped in after very poor Red fishing on the mighty Kultina. The word is to many fishermen and too few fish.

    Well that will do it guys... I have an up river group coming in this morning I need to prep for and I hope to see you on the river.

    Keep in mind that we have added a small fleet of Outcast 9 foot cats for the 2016 season and they are a good option for the fisherman who needs a low cost option to access the best fishing holes.

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    Closed to "taking" means not even catch and release or still catch and release? Adfg website still just says catch and release.

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    Catch and release, single hook and no bait.


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