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    Default Buying reds

    OK--- I was up there 2 years ago- I caught 1 red in soldotna(I had my autistic son with me)- Thanks again for the help everyone gave me on here. (My son had a great time)

    This time I need to bring some fish home 1 way or another(My father in law this time----first time to Alaska)

    I seen on craigslist the last time I was up that someone had Reds for sale- We just came up to early.

    If anyone has any boats that are going to be selling(July 20th) please PM

    Thanks- Hopefully the run will be on and my father in law is better than my son(I wasn't much better!)

    Thanks guys


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    Pretty sure you can't sell reds unless you get them at new seguya or some real grocery store. Just hop on a charter they will get you into the reds

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    If you head back down on the Kenai there are lots of places to buy salmon. Processors like Snug Harbor Seafoods will gladly sell you fresh salmon (and a bunch of other seafood) and much cheaper than you will find in the grocery store. Most of them will process, pack, and ship as well. If you are looking for best price sockeye in the round and have time to work around their sometimes random schedule, you can buy from any setnetter or drifter with a catcher-seller permit. They only fish 2 days a week for about 6 weeks around July unless opened (or closed) based on abundance, but it is a dirt cheap way to fill the freezer with the best meat on earth.


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