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Thread: WTB: Used pair of 10Xsomething Binos

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    Default WTB: Used pair of 10Xsomething Binos

    Looking for a decent mid quality 10x binos. Vortex, nikon, something similar. Anyone have a unused pair laying around they wouldn't mind getting rid of?

    $120ish is budget. They don't have to be pretty, but I can get brand new Vortex for around $160.
    I'm not stuck on my budget, but I don't want to drop $200 plus either at the moment. These will be a second pair for the wife or anyone else tagging along with me to borrow.

    I will pay for shipping too.

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    I have a pair of Nikon's that I could part with. They have been sent back to Nikon for a factor seal replacement and haven't been used since. I think that they are Action 10x50's. They are pretty old, but with the re-build they are like new but still old. Send me a PM.


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