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Thread: sheep hunt and meat care questions??

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    Default sheep hunt and meat care questions??


    Going to be hunting from the 8-18 August, flying into the Tok area.
    Upon a successful hunt how is the best way to care for the meat so I won't loose any?

    I have TAG bags for the game bags.

    Should I bring citric acid to spray it down or keep it in the bags.

    Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions.
    Will have a tarp for shade and to keep the rain off.

    Pretty sure there won't be any trees to hang it in and it could be pretty warm during the day!

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    There was another thread where we discussed this, don't recall where.

    I know that many don't believe in using plastic bags for meat, but I've had great success putting meat in plastic bags that were laid on top of permafrost or on glacier ice, or dunked in cold water. There are a lot of places where you can dig a small hole down to permafrost, then lay the meat (in bags) down in there overnight. Or you can put it in a small creek (in a sealed bag), or on any glacier ice or snow. Each morn you put it back in your pack and do the same thing again at the next camp. Barring that, you can use the tag bags and hang it in shade every camp, under a tarp or something, but if it is real warm you are gonna have to get out quickly. The other method, on ice, in can go quite a few days doing that every eve and keep meat in fine shape.

    Good luck,

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    Default space blankets

    Do as Mark said, find a way to cool it at night, then wrap it in a space blanket during the day. The same as it keeps you warm, it will keep you're meat cool all day.
    I got this tip from a friend, he and his brother used it to keep their sheep from going bad on a 2 week hunt.

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    Default water submersion

    I have ONLY done the water submersion and have never lost any meat at all. Usually for the first evening, we place the meat in garbage bags (triple bagged) but leave the top open to release all the heat. The next day, each bag gets tied shut and totally submerged. We have had it in water for 5+ days and all is good. Did it to caribou a couple years back when it was in the high 80's for a week straight. The meat was great! Those streams out of the mountains are glacier melt and stay awfully cold. Best of luck.

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    Default Flies

    Flies don't bother it with the top open?
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    Default top open

    Only leave it open the first evening. It is usually sitting in a pool in the water. Have never seen a fly around it. Also, make sure you build yourself a big pool for your meat and put some large rocks around it. Never know when the water could go up during the night if it rains.


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