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Thread: Regs question, Fairbanks area

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    Default Regs question, Fairbanks area

    I tried calling ADF&G and never heard back, but I figure some of you might know. I've got two questions. The first is this: last winter F&G announced that people could keep small graylings on the lower Chena, but it's not in the regulations - it still say C&R only on flowing waters in the Chena and tributaries. Anybody have any insight into what happened?

    The second question might be a little weird: the regulations say that you can keep up to 10 per day of stocked species in interior lakes and ponds. Now that they're not stocking graylings, are they still including the ones in the ponds as "stocked" for the purpose of determining limits, or just what is the situation with limits on pond graylings?

    Thanks for any insight!
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    The catch and keep prop in the lower river didn't pass.

    2) Interesting question. Seems to me that a body of water is considered 'stocked' regardless of what it's stocked with. So a pond previously stocked with grayling but now stocked with trout would be open to both species.

    I guess this is assuming the previously stocked ponds are still be stocked..

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    I was wondering that too.
    the regulation read that its 10 per day of stocked species, I would assume that most stocked lakes the grayling were stocked there at some point so therefore they are a stocked species. (note stocked is not defined in the definitions so I feel its pretty safe to say that grayling are a stocked species even if adf&g didn't stock them this year.


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