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    My brother is coming up this summer for a couple weeks for the first time in 8 years, and have tons of fishing fun planned. There will be a total of 3 of us in a Hewes 240 Explorer. His wife gets a little bored with just fishing, so for the extended PWS adventure, was thinking about trying to explore our way to Valdez, then Cordova, and finally back to Whittier. Know Valdez fairly well, but have never visited Cordova and always wanted to.

    So, the big Q's are what should we make sure to see on the way or in town, general areas to focus on fishing wise (general ideas to PM would be great--don't ever spend time that side of the sound, so any pointers greatly appreciated), and areas of concern or to watch out for.

    I grab them from the airport the 25th, and hope to have the boat already in the water at Whittier where I can grab them and go. If the Mrs. and 4 y/o remain up for it, we may go out on the evening of the 23rd for a day and a half, so would already have pots soaking and she would head home when I left to pick folks up on the 25th.

    Figured we would spend evening of the 25th around Bettles or Ester or somewhere around Port Wells so we could do a little glacier watching. Pull/drop pots the morning of the 26th and start out for the eastern side of the Sound. Not sure if we should do Cordova first then Valdez or vice versa. Figure each port we would stop and walk around. Maybe grab a shower/coffee and head back out to the next town/fishing spot. We need to back back in Kenai/Soldotna the evening of the 29th, so can't spend too much time in one particular area.

    Good news is Bayweld should have my 50 gal back-up tank finished by then, so would have 170 gallons of fuel to play with between towns.
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    Beartrap Bay in Port Gravina is a really nice place to explore especially the little bay at it's back end, Bear Cub or Little Bear or something like that. Knowles Head and Red Head can get a little rough at times. The East side is different than the West side. I'll be out there some place at that time with my daughter, swing by if you see me.

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    On the east side of Simpson Bay, just inside Bomb Point is a neat place called Hole in the Wall (I think). It has a long, narrow entrance that opens up into beautiful little spot. It can be buggy in there, especially when the wind settles down...but it's a great anchorage, or just a scenic place to swing in and check out.
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