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Thread: Chena Lake for 3 Year Olds

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    Default Chena Lake for 3 Year Olds

    Spent a lot of time on this site tracking large fish and big experiences but alas the tides have changed and a new set of great experiences is about to begin with my daughter turning three last March I think this is a good year to at least get her a pole and a picture of her screaming at a worm.

    Regardless, the experience begins this weekend with a shake-down trip of the truck camper and a visit to Chena Lakes. I have never fished in Chena Lakes before, anyone have any recommendations for what to put on the end of my daughters new barbie pole to help her get that first ever fish?

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    Single salmon eggs or bits of raw shrimp under a bobber should do the trick. I've even had luck with leaf worms.

    They have canoe, paddle boat and kayak rentals as well.

    That'll be a bunch of fun.
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    And please post pictures of the first fish!

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    Thanks for the advice guys we had a nice day Saturday before the rain sent us packing around 5pm. The little one loved her new barbie pole and had fun casting the practice plastic fish in the campsite. Sadly she was less interested in casting the real thing at the beach (she was more into Canoe rides and playing in the swim zone). So didn't force her but did catch a few real little guys of my own. No pics but a good time before this crazy rain set in.

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    Awesome, keep it up. Down here in Juneau took my kids to "family fishing day" an annual event in on of the "lakes" here that they stock with 8"-12" fish. Fish and Game and the local hatchery lend out poles, give out bobbers, leaders, small J's, split shot, etc. It was a lot of fun. I took 4 of my 5 kids (7 month old was with mama in Seattle) and we had a blast. Been taking my older three fishing for 3 years now and my 7 year old daughter caught her first 4 fish, all on a 2-6 pound rod with a black panther marten, my 5 year old caught his 2nd on a fishlike pixie, and my 4yr old and 2 yr old each caught there first fish on a pink pixie! We had a blast (2 year old needed some help as did the 4 year old, and there were lots of knotts. They just couldn't cast far enough into the pond. Its a blast, and they get so excited. Good luck and keep going out!

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    single hook 0 mepps worked real good a week ago.


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