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Thread: Buying boat out of canada

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    Default Buying boat out of canada

    Not having any luck on searching for old posts on what to expect when buying a boat from Canada. It would be from a private party, and he doesn't know either. Inboard fiberglass, with a trailer. Would probably use AML to ship north.
    Thanks in advance

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    Bought a 40' troller in Canada and ran it up here in April. No problems. You will need a bill of sale and import paperwork completed. US Customs in Ketchikan were super helpful on the phone and in person. Since I ran the boat up, no trailer involved. I know that trailers are a different beast with customs clearance etc.

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    I know lots of Canadians that have purchased boats from the US and can tell you what Canadian customs requires as far as importation.
    I would think it would be similar going the other way.

    1/ Bill of sale with separate entries for boat, motor(s) (if outboard), removable items such as fish finders and down riggers and trailer.
    2/ titles for boat and trailer
    3/ Importation paper work.

    In Canada if the trailer is under a certain age it must be inspected before they will license it.
    I think it was under 10 years but don't hold me to that.

    Here's some info on importing from the States to give you an idea as to the process.


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