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Thread: Help!!! Tracking down my skull!

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    Default Help!!! Tracking down my skull!

    So over a year ago I dropped off a bison skull to Fishhook Wildlife Studio out of Palmer to have it beetled. I've called countless times to inquire on its completion with no response or courtesy call back. I was told by another taxidermist that the skull cleaning portion of the business was passed on to a guy by the name of Paul Sanderson out of Wasilla? I have a phone # for Paul but again can not get him to pick up or call me back. Is anyone else having a similar problem or know of a better contact for either Fishhook Wildlife Studio or Paul Sanderson? I would greatly appreciate any insight or help offered. Thanks

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    Good Luck. I had a similar experience back in 2012 with a guy in Glenallen. I hope it isn't the same guy (John--can't remember his last name and his website doesn't seem to exist anymore). Was Alaska Bare Bones back then. I hope you have better luck than


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