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Thread: readjusting yardage in 7 pin bow sight

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    Before I start, thanks for any and all comments of help. I partially know the answer to my question, but not sure how to go about it properly. My nearest bow shop with an indoor range is 3 1/2 hours away, in Rapid City, SD, so I shoot in my hay lot at home for practice, trying not to hit a cow or horse in a pasture. The problem: I would like to turn my 20 yard pin into a 30 yard pin, and since I have a 7 pin site, my 80 yard pin would become a 90 yard pin. Before anyone asks why such long range pins, this what I want, and have no problem shooting accurately at this distance. ( my last deer was 84 yards, heart shot). However, up to now I have just judged the 90 yard shot and met with good target success, but want it to be an accurate pin. At a range I can use the cardboard computer lay outs and site the pins in, but no range near and my only back stop around the target, is a large round hay bale. Question: If I just move my entire site up to make the 20 a 30 yard pin, how far might the other pins be out of site range in your shooting opinion.? I don't want to make this more compacted than necessary. What should I do? Roger45, and anyone else, I would appreciate your thoughts before I do something dumb. I shoot a Diamond Marquis compound at 70# draw weight, Spot Hog 7 pin sight.

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    With my bow, I have a 5 pin sight. My 20 pin is pretty much on target out to 27 yards. So I adjusted my 30 pin to 40, and so on for the other 3. I think it would depend on your draw weight vs. arrow weight ratio, but if you are shooting flat to almost 30, like I am, you don't need the 30 pin. Just move the rest to your desired yardage. I am shooting 65# with 330gr arrows. Obviously, the larger the distance shot, the more compensation you will need to adjust for. I would commit to ranging each pin for the desired yardage. It will take more time, but you will be confident in the shot, if you ever need to take it.

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    Ok so I did some real quick calcs your drop between 20 yards and 30 yards is about 4" your drop between 80 and 90 yards will be closer to 3 feet! (drop is calculated by G*T^2 +VT where G=32.2 Ft/S/S and T=.1 S, and V is Velocity at the distance) so by just moving your hole sight down to the 30 yard pin you are nowhere close to being correct for 90 yards, your just going to have to do things the old fashion way.

    as for 90 yard shots on deer. I'm sure you can make the shot, I'm sure you can make the shot 95% time on a hale bale, the problem is that 90 yards your arrow is going to take close to a second to reach that distance! a lot can happen in a second a deer can jump or even just take a step. again I'm not doubting your abilities its just the time factor leaves too much up to chance.

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    Both of you make sense and I was looking for a quick fix to sighing in the bow correctly, and slowly. On the full 90 yard shots, at target so far, that is about how far I estimate to raise the pin to be accurate. I have put up a stick with a small target to get the accuracy and it has worked over time. And AKducks you are correct about the time and movement. My last trip to the slope, even though I led the bou, the time for a long shot caused a clean miss. Deer on the prairie can be more difficult at a distance. Thanks for the math and advise. I will make the changes correctly. Hope to see you on the slope in September.


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