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Thread: Ithica M37 Lightweight 12g $400

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    Default Ithica M37 Lightweight 12g $400

    Ithica M37 Featherlight
    Bottom ejection(great for lefties) keeps debris rain and snow out of the action.
    Poly-choke with six setting, oversize fore stock. Shoots 2 3/4 12 gauge

    Bluing is good with slight wear and the stock has been refinished

    Available in Anchorage
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    Private Message sent.

    I am interested in buying, and I can send a Postal Money Order............but don't know when I can go to Anchorage to pick up firearm. If logistic can be resolved, I am a buyer at your asking price of $400.00 THANK YOU.

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    I sent you a PM and can head your way on Monday .

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    Thanks, I responded to your PM.

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    Sold 👍

    and thanks for the info on coyotes AGL4now


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