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Thread: 1200 sq ft, OM-180 for everything?

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    Default 1200 sq ft, OM-180 for everything?

    We are considering building a house this summer (soon). One of the things I'm holding myself up on is the heater.... we will not have a garage, but plan to build a room central for heating/water filtration and softener.

    Is it realistic to expect a Toyo OM-180 to provide hydronic and domestic heat in a house 1200 sq ft? I'm trying to truly understand the allure of the Toyo boilers compared to the more traditional boiler units. They are for sure a bit of a different realm when compared to the Toyo monitor heaters that have made them so famous up here.

    I'm asking this because I spoke with a Toyo sales person and they suggested 2 separate units, one for domestic, the other for hydronic. The pair would run over $5k, however I see that the OM-180 can be had for somewhere in the ball park of $1800-$2400 depending on where you get it.

    Just looking for the most price conscious, effective and reliable option for a new 1200 sq ft, slab on grade home.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    My experience with Toyo is limited to field kerosene heaters. It may help other commenters though to know how tight and well-insulated the house will be.

    On another topic, is permafrost not a concern for the foundation?

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    I have a few of the Toyo boilers and Toyo hot water heaters. I have nothing but good things to say about them and find them very efficient. In one application I two of the boilers heating a 3,800 square foot building. These units have been in use for 8 years and with the exception of the water temp control failing on one unit they have worked flawlessly.
    I heat my domestic off one of the unit as well using a flat plate heat exchanger and and a small hot water tank for storage.

    I assume you will be using in floor heat, I make sure to insulate very well under the slab, up the footing as well as out side the perimeter of the slab for several feet.

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    My Daughter and husband had a house that had in floor heat that was not insulated well enough around the perimeter and they had cold floors in 2 to 3 feet. Their heat supply was not a Toyo . I think that the problem was the work that was done not the heater.


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