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Thread: Tunnel Jon with jackplate and prop

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    Default Tunnel Jon with jackplate and prop

    How would a 1860 tunnel jon work with a Jackplate and prop? I kinda am thinking of getting away from my jet. For the most part it is unnecessary for where I go. One spot I go, the chatanika, its pretty shallow for a mile or two. Depending on the year I've seen it as shallow as a few inches with the bottom full of rocks. But past that spot and a prop is just fine. Its deep and soft. Or I could maybe keep my existing Jon with no tunnel and mount the jackplate on it. I like the hull I have so if it will work the same Id rather save money there and keep my boat. My hull is currently a 18x52. And I'm running a 90/65 4 stroke. Also I do have pods on the back. Any recommendations for a hydraulic plate if this idea is feasible? Ive seen some videos on youtube and looks like you can really get the motors to run shallow. But I'm guessing this is about a 2500 dollar mod by the time its all said and done.

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    A jackplate is manual and it allows you to lift and lower the motor quickly as needed. A hydraulic plate is for adjusting the height of the motor slowly to optimize performance, it also allows the motor to be raised and lowered enough so you can run either prop or jet.
    If you want to keep your current hull the jackplate would be the best choice but a 90hp 4 stroke might be a little heavy to manually lift a 50hp 2 stroke with a prop would be better.


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