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Thread: Bye Bye Cheney Lake Pike

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    Hey, thought I'd let you know that according to a flyer I saw stuck up to a sign at Cheney Lake, Fish and Game is going to drain the lake this fall so that it freezes solid and the pike die. Their rationale is that the fishing opportunities have become so limited there. I've got to agree, I live a couple of houses away from the lake and have never caught a pike there (seen one) and all but one person I've ever talked to has caught a pike there.

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    That will be great. It used to be a nice little lake before the pike arrived. I'm sure they will still wait a year or 2 before they start stocking it again though.

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    IMO - They either need to make it a trout lake again OR manage it for trophy pike. It would be nice to have a trophy pike lake in the city. It might even be a bragging point. Pike by their nature require management in a confined area. No management = a bunch of hammer handles.

    Can the local hatcheries produce enough trout of catchable size for another lake? Stocking is not cheap. Look at Delong etc..... all the trout caught are dinks...... Do we really need another lake where all you catch are 6-8" landlocked salmon and hatchery trout?

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    Where is cheney lake?


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