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    Hey guys, anyone know if it's safe to use dry ice in the newer high end coolers like the Yetis, Grizzlies, Pelicans, etc.? My wife and I picked up the Pelican Elite 45 quart cooler a couple months ago. Our plan is to bring out our meat in the cooler with some dry ice to keep the meat as cold as possible for as long a possible. I read somewhere that dry ice expands when it sublimates and can make an airtight container explode. I was wondering how airtight is safe. I know the coolers have a weather strip along the edges to keep the heat from coming in the cooler. Does this weather strip make the cooler airtight and could it explode? I could open the drain valve on the bottom of the cooler to let air escape but it kind of defeats the purpose of a high end cooler if all the warm air can enter in the drain hole. Any suggestions?

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    Thanks! Good to know.

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    I once shipped some frozen fish outside in a styrofoam cooler with tape around the seams to hold it together. Didn't explode but split open (fortunately fish was ok and stayed frozen). Any cooler that is airtight will fail without some way for the sublimating CO2 to escape. All it takes is a tiny hole or break somewhere and the CO2 can get out safely.Greg

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    Your cooler is not air tight. They breathe.

    I haven't yet to buy a high end cooler. Why is cause most people use to big of cooler for what there trying to keep cold.

    Another thing I do is put whole cooler full of what ever In freezer over night. I can keep hamburger frozen for 2 days in my 20q marine igloos

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