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Thread: Dust?

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    Default Dust?

    The Wife and I drove a UHAUL truck & trailer up the CAN/AK Highway earlier this year. Not too bad of road but for the last 40 km or so near the end of Canada..."Extremely Dusty Road". We found dust even in closed containers.

    We will be towing our RV trailer up soon. What do you do to prevent dust from getting inside and coating your RV?

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    Try to seal as much of the RV as possible. Places such as the stove vent, edges of windows, the openings for the sewer, water, etc.

    If your front roof vent is strong enough turn it around so that it takes in air and pressurizes the inside of the RV. It will keep most of the dust out.

    It does work. I have done it with our RV.

    The vent has to be strong enough to withstand the "headwind".

    Obviously it does not work as well with slower speeds.

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    I learned to NEVER roll a window down in my RV when on a dirt road. It created a suction that immediately drew in the dust that would choke us out. I took to keeping the blower on full blast on the dash controls and the pressure inside helped keep the dust from intruding.
    I like the idea of turning the vent around. No doubt the internal air pressure from it would help greatly.
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    Drive on rainy days.....I have made 3 ALCAN trips with my RV and no issues with dust on the inside. Just make sure everything is shut and closed tight at the lower level of your trailer.


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