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Thread: Kasilof River North Bank Parking lot

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    Default Kasilof River North Bank Parking lot

    Received this yesterday. It looks like DNR listened and made major adjustments to the parking lot. Reducing it from over 300 vehicles and on conservation lands to 132 vehicle spots in one parking area. They also included fencing and a wildlife viewing platform per the public suggestions. Overall it is not perfect but DNR deserves a thank you for listening and trying to accommodate multiple uses in the area. If use patterns in May disturb migrating birds then seasonal use restrictions can be imposed.



    The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Division of Mining, Land and Water, Southcentral Regional Office (SCRO) has approved a final site plan for the north side of the Kasilof River. The final site plan was developed using public and agency feedback received during the 2015 and 2016 comment periods.

    Thank you to everyone that participated by attending public meetings and providing written comments during the public and agency review periods. The initial site concept plan aimed at maximizing parking was released for comment for 45-days on October 15, 2015. The majority of the 43 comments received opposed this concept and specifically requested additional opportunities for public involvement. As a result, the SCRO developed four additional site concept plans and initiated another 33-day public review on February 18, 2016. The SCRO conducted public meetings in Anchorage, Wasilla and Kasilof during this review period and received a total of 62 comments.

    The final site plan approved by DNR is a combination of site concept plans 1 and 3 which substantially scales back the proposed development within U.S. Survey 83 based on public and agency feedback. A combination of parking, pedestrian access, dune fencing, and a small wildlife viewing platform are planned along with protecting the wetlands and improving traffic flow for personal use fishers and emergency service vehicles. For additional information, please visit the Kasilof Rivers Public Use Area website at: Any questions about the final site plan should be directed to either: Adam Smith at 907-269-8557, or Christy Colles at 907-269-8116, Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important public project.

    Christy Colles

    Natural Resource Manager I

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    Yep, the times they are a changin'.....
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    Some good news. How much will it cost to park? Don't tell me it is another giveaway without regulation! At least that mess will see some people control with 132 spaces or will they choke off the whole road and park all the way back to main kbeach road. Like the situation gets at Bing landing what a joke. At Kasilof I saw once a pile of plastic bags full of garbage as big as the 2 dumpsters that were there with people camped all around it and tents about in the road next to outhouses what a horrible scene why does the state borough and dnr allow that it looks like a scene on CNN of hundreds of exiles fleeing warlords in Somalia that place is a cesspool it needs to be cleaned up. If I was a migratory bird that's the last place I'd spend my time hope this helps.


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