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    will be heading to Kodiak for 14 days from the 3rd-17th. Going to have the camper and planning on doing some more exploring of this beautiful Island (been out twice but more in-town stuff). Would love to get into some road-side fishing while there but beings this is my first trip in July not sure what will be happening and how best to get to them. Also I will have the wife and two kiddos (3 & 8months) so though I might be able to sneak out for a day charter most of the fishing will need to be a bit more hit it during the napping window. Thanks for the thoughts on fishing and if anyone has any suggestions on some great places to take a large truck and large slide-in camper for some cool camping on the Island that would be appreciated to.

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    That should be prime time for silvery bright pinks along the beaches. Just watch for the jumpers. Perfect for kids and spouses, but bring the light tackle for the most fun. Lots of searun Dolly Varden in the mix, too.

    I'd check with the visitor bureau for their maps and ask for camping recommendations. Lots of the shoreline is private now, but accessible for fishing and camping with a $20 annual vehicle permit from Leisnoi. Google them and follow the links to their permit page. They have language about camping, but I don't recall the words. There's also camping on state land out at Pasagshak, but this year they've started a fee system. The use fee is $5/day or $50 for the season, but if you already have a park pass from elsewhere in the state you're golden. I dunno about camping fees over there either.

    Sorta helpful, I hope. Look forward to some good times. Best news is you're bringing the family. It's a great place for them.
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    Like Brown said, pinks should be showing, especially by the last week you're here. Bottom fish off the beaches if you're chilling at night, flounder, halibut and the likes. Kings in the rivers by then. Buskin red run should be winding down, Saltry red run should be in full swing and Pshak might get reds this year. Lots of dollies in the rivers. Camping, there are a few state parks, Buskin River and PShak come to mind as well as some beach camping long the Olds River/Kalsin Bay and out on Surfers beach there's always a good time out there. Don't expect to be alone anywhere you camp 4th of July weekend unless you hike into the mountains and spike it.
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