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Thread: Honda Foreman tires.???

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    Hello all, time for some new tires for my Foreman 500. I am running stock wheels. I currently have ITP Mud Lite 26x9x12 on the front and 26x12x12 on the rear. I am going again with some new Mud Lites and the question I have is, can I mount the front with 26x10x10 on stock rims with no rubbing or other issues? Thanks in advance for any input.


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    Yes, I run 26x10x12 on the front of both my foreman and rancher with zero issues. I like the wides for the muskeg jelly.
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    Thanks for the reply BIGAKSTUFF. Just to be clear you run them on factory stock wheels?

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    Yes, both of them are on the stock 12 inch rims, the rancher is a 2001, the foreman is a 2013. The foreman I got off the showroom floor, told em to put mudlites on the stock rims as the stock tires are not that great to say the least.
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    Once again thank you for the reply.


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