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Thread: upgrading to drive by wire controls

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    Default upgrading to drive by wire controls

    Anybody done this recently? My old cable shifters getting stiff, wanting to go electronic. Single helm, dual engines. Was going to stop by Deweys tomorrow and discuss. Anybody know what $$ would be?
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    For a while when Yamaha came out with DEC controls (maybe the era of your motors) you could buy the F150 and V6 motors and get conversions for them. I don't know if you can do that now. I think you will be lucky if they can find the parts to do that if your motor was even part of that incremental period where Yamaha was offering that. DEC adds almost $3-5,000 for motors (as a single). You have the screen, special key fob, the controls, the throttle body you get to add the second helm station. So may thousands for some cool factor but no performance, that is unless they let you add joystick helm control that would be worth it. Easy docking, no anchor hold position (awesome for halibut fishing) etc.

    The pricing being so high is why Yamaha now offers their Offshore 4.2l in non-DEC controls. They will sell a lot more Offshore motors now that they offer standard cable controls.

    So as cool as DEC is you will be thousands cheaper than converting. New cables will be maybe $125 each +install I think.


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    I would have went with the 4.2L if I could have skipped the DEC (due to costs only). The DEC add to my 250 was Expensive.


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