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Thread: Something I hadn't seen before

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    Default Something I hadn't seen before

    This is the rock pile to the north of Olsen Island, right across from Mueller cove in Unakwik. I've sat on this rock many times hunting sea otters. A different kind of critter on it yesterday. Actually three of them. Very curious what brought them out there!

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    Coupla possibilities.

    Deer will often take to the water when chased hard, whether dogs or wolves.

    They're also wanderers not stopped in the least by water. I once came across a couple of deer swimming across a bay about 3 miles wide. Just headed for the far shore. Friends came across and shot video of a deer right out in the middle of the Shelikof Strait a good 10 miles from Kodiak, and calmly swimming for the Alaska Peninsula another 10 miles away.

    Many years ago I was set up with a few decoys for ducks on a small island in the middle of a bay about a mile from shore on the south end of Kodiak. Next thing I know half a dozen deer came swimming out to the island and started munching on something up in the rocks. A little while later they all single filed back into the water to head for shore again. All that is, except for the fat 3-pointer at the end of the line. He hesitated a little too long and I could no longer resist temptation. I'm here to tell you that 1 1/4 ounces of lead #6's to the head at 10 yards really flattens a deer!
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