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Thread: Reasons for setting so close ??

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    Default Reasons for setting so close ??

    Saw this on another site i frequent and thought you guys might get a kick out of it.
    I've been lobstering since 1975 and it still amazes me that someone would put their Bouy right next to mine. So, what is the reason?: 1) I've been a bully since 5th grade and I'm going to push you around cause I can---ha ha ha. 2) I'm as dumb as a brick and don't know any better. 3) if I put my Bouy close to yours I can pull your trap easily. 4) I know your old and don't mess with any ones traps and I'm taking over. 5) I'm a drug addict and I need to pull my traps and yours to supply my habit. 6). I know you use good bait, I don't want to pay for it myself so I pull your traps cause I know there will be lobsters in them. 7) all of the above. Just wondering after a drink or two

    And some replies

    Its harder when we get older we just don't want to put the effort in to beat the **** out of the guy like in the olden days. Lol.. But I find it as good a method as any ..

    Oh he set traps there? Must be lobsters let me set over him and catch the rest

    Nope it's just how some people think, if you get there first nobody else has the right. Just be thankful it's not like it used to be. There was a time when implants got cut as fast as they set.

    Some people just plain suck

    It amazes me that there's 1/2 mile either side of my string of clear water and when I come back they've set in on and thru my string. Obvious they're dip****s.

    The other option is they put it there thinking you know what you're doing and therefore that's the place to be.

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    Whatever the logic, the past two weekends we went out I found a fair combination of humor and frustration of how close folks dropped on us. We went out early both times to avoid ramp crowding (actually the ramp and folks have proven fairly efficient each time, but new boat and been a few years, so I'm slower and more anxious about the process), so when we dropped our gear, it was wide open. First of the two weekends, was on one of the pakeham moraines and when we came out to check the overnight soak we were cluster bombed, one bouy within 10 yards of mine. I should have just picked the gear and left, but had done well there the weekend before so reset a couple times. Ultimately wasn't worth the hassle as mid-afternoon the person who was closest to my other set dropped or drifted across my string. Didn't have to pull the gear up, but their floating line was snagged on my last pot.

    So we moved to finish out the weekend where it was wide open--and was happy we did. Where we did great the weekend before, did well first set when no one was around, but once there was gear everywhere, it was like the shrimp got adhd and just went everywhere but the pots--at least mine. When we moved to the open area, catch rates went way up again.

    Next weekend, went back the wide open area and dropped early. Did great, then overnight soak, which also did well, but next morning again, pots everywhere, sets closer than should have been. We reset twice, and there was enough room, but had to shift one way or another to get back where we were before, paying close attention to which way the other bouys were going with tides. No tangles, maintained our ground, but again the catch rates and hassle didn't make it worth it. So again moved to empty water and catches went up.

    Granted, both of the spots are popular and as more boats come out they are going to get crowded. our initial trips were fun and got some beautiful shrimp put up--glad it's time to turn attention to fish. Goal from here is to find empty water to soak while we explore fishing spots.

    My uninformed amd improperly conducted research---better to find marginal areas with fewer pots than great areas with high density of gear, pot for pot for pot.
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