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Thread: Best online source for props?

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    Default Best online source for props?

    Yo guys!!! I go thru some alum props here and there doin taxi duty and tired of paying almost twice for them locally at the Yammie shop.
    Anyone have a great source locally or online? Seems most online places have em for almost half the money but I realize shipping will be additional.
    For what it's worth I'm runnin Yamaha f-115's and alum 13 X 19 pitch if anyone has extras.
    Might experiment with a Solas 12-3/4 X 19 four blade, sometimes we carry heavy loads and thinkin the 4 blade for a better on step scene.
    Check out Quickwater Adventure water taxi/transport services:

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    I've got good deals on Solas props on Amazon and got free shipping, too.

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    I bought my stainless prop from


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