Today is the last day to submit public comment on the BOF's draft proposal review process. They are trying to streamline the process to save $, but people are worried about maintaining the public input and transparency in the process. There are a few comments already submitted, some of which make decent points. Worth reading if you're into that sort of thing. The BOF will teleconference on May 24 to address this. Here's the link to the info:

My only input would be that it's been my experience that ADFG tends to wrinkle their nose at most proposals that aren't theirs (no offense to any one person - that's just the nature of bureaucracy), and that from a personal viewpoint there are proposals submitted which I care about, but don't have the time or the resources to lobby them months and months ahead of time. I'd hate to see them dropped from the process simply because no one has flown around the state to explain them to BOF or COC members prior to the meeting. Also, the consent agenda make me nervous that sweeping changes could be made with little public input.